Learning American Accent

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Mastering the English language requires high levels of both accuracy and fluency. That means excellent grammatical knowledge is not enough to speak properly. A good, understandable, and prevailing accent is necessary to speak good English and sound like a native. Here is the good news, acquiring the American accent is not impossible! This course is designed for everyone who wants to master the American accent and sound like a U.S. citizen.

Course Content:

  • CH 1: Vowel Sounds

    Learning all about vowels will let you pronounce any word accurately even if you see the word for the first time. Vowels create the sounds of the words and without them, a word cannot be pronounced.

  • CH 2: Consonant Sounds

    Blending the different vowel sounds with consonants will enhance your abilities to pronounce new sounds and speak correctly like a native.

  • CH 3: Syllable Stress

    In English, not all syllables are pronounced the same. Stressed or accented syllables are higher in pitch, longer in duration, and a little louder than unstressed or unaccented syllables. In this chapter you will get to know more about syllable stress and how to pronounce words accurately.

  • CH 4: Word Stress

    By learning word stress, you will get to know which syllables in word to be stressed or accented and which are unstressed to be able to read out loud and pronounce any word with confidence.

  • CH 5: Intonation

    Both intonation and word stress are linked. Intonation is the music of the language. In this chapter you will learn about the way the voice rises and falls while speaking and pronouncing words in English.

  • CH 6: Linking Words

    Linking words are used to combine two sentences together to present contrast, comparison, condition, purpose, and more. In this chapter you will learn how to establish clear connections between your ideas.

Course Content:

  • Developing your ability to pronounce English accurately
  • Advancing your fluency levels to sound like a native
  • Learning how to pronounce any English word correctly and with good accent
  • Mastering the American accent

Course Features

  • Lectures 46
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Language English
  • Students 8
  • Certificate Yes
  • Assessments Yes
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$199.00 $19.00